Two Buggy Apps: A Rant

TGC is hosted and built on Squarespace. I love it, and would never in a million years think of going back to WordPress or Tumblr.

That being said, one of the (supposedly) great things about Squarespace as a service is that they have a great iOS app.


The app is buggy beyond belief. For a company who's site is so polished, with every tiny little detail accounted for, the Squarespace iOS app is a huge disappointment. Comments that I read weeks before randomly show up as being new. The app crashes if opened through notification center. It lags and sometimes simply refuses to update my stats. And this is all not to mention the app's icon which is still not retina optimized (although it does appear as such in the App Store).

Now, they did get some things right. The editing interface is pretty nice and straightforward. You can add pictures and even edit offline. You can preview your site as well. It even supports Markdown natively. At it's core, it's just a simple blogging app. In fact, I would even wager to say that once they iron out all these stupid bugs, the app would probably be pretty decent. But the problem is, that even after all this time, they still have yet to fix these annoying bugs.

And boy do they really need to. The app is not up to the usual Squarespace par.

And then there's Instacast. My absolute, without a doubt, favorite podcatcher of choice. It is, in my mind, by far and away the best option in the App Store. And they recently came out with a new update making it ever better.

But the bugs. Oh man, the bugs. There are so many that I often find myself infuriated when using the app.

To name a few:

  • The app lags horrendously while it's updating rendering the app pretty much useless during that time.
  • The play position randomly gets stuck.
  • Not that this is a huge deal, but the "Unplayed" pop-up you see when you hit the little circle to mark an episode as unplayed is not even in English. I couldn't tell you why.
  • I randomly get a pop-up asking me to "Authenticate". I have zero idea why, or what it's for, but it's incredibly annoying.
  • The new archive feature is either incredibly confusing, or it just flat-out does not yet actually work. Either way, it's bad. Despite me setting episodes to automatically archive after they are played, my "Downloaded" playlist always seems to have more episodes in it than my "Unplayed" playlist.

Now again, I really do use both of these apps on a daily basis. And I like them both. But I like them when they work. Do to the quality of the design of both of the apps, I expect more from their actual performance.

And look, I'm taking a computer programming course in school. I know how difficult it is to debug even the most stupidly-basic of programs.

But I wouldn't be complaining about these apps if I didn't love them enough to want them to get better.