Marked and Writing for School

As much as I hate it, I have to write various papers and reports for school. As does any student.

Such is life, I suppose.

I like to write in iA Writer with Markdown though, which presented a bit of a problem. Because unlike when I'm writing for my blog, which parses the Markdown and converts it to HTML automatically, I really had no way to convert the Markdown into something that looked presentable to print out hand in to my teachers. There was really no solution to this problem — especially because, even if I did have some other way, Markdown converts to HTML which is no better (indeed, it's in fact worse) to hand in.

That is, until Marked came along. As its tagline reads, it now gives me a Markdown preview everywhere. Now all I have to do is pop open a new document, drag the file to Marked, and all the while I'm writing, I see a live preview of what the Markdown will look like.

But the killer thing here is that I can print that converted Markdown straight from Marked. Marked even has a bunch of nice themes to choose from for different fonts and styles.

Now, I love writing with a Marked preview open for just about anything that's even semi-long form, and this ability to print from Marked is just another fantastic benefit.

Now I can truly write in Markdown for everything, and have it seamlessly converted for use wherever I might want to.

Oh, and as a side note, these things are usually all started in nvALT which is where I can check for spelling, considering that neither iA Writer, nor Marked can do that (although perhaps one day Marked will).