Current Obsession: Sherlock

Current Obsessions is a series in which I recommend to you the things that I'm currently obsessed with.

Sherlock on BBC

I really enjoy watching House and The Mentalist. They're two of my favorite TV shows and they both are really good. I also really enjoyed the Sherlock Holmes movies. I believe the second was better than the first, but understand that both of them traded off intricacy of the plot for action sequences. I also read and appreciated most of the original Holmes tales. In case you couldn't tell — I like this kind of a thing.

But Sherlock. This? This is something else.

Sherlock — the TV series on BCC — is without a doubt my favorite show on television. In fact, I would say that, at least right now, it is in my humble opinion the best show on television. The second season just ended and the finale was breathtaking. By far the best thing I've ever seen on TV, and by far the best episode of the series. No summary I could give would do it any justice.

The show itself is always fantastic though. The genius is outstanding. The plot and writing is superb. And the acting is impeccable. It's all incredibly well thought out. Gosh. It's just such a good show.

Now, the show actually works a little weirdly. There are only three episodes a season, but each episode is an hour and a half long. Kind of like a mini movie.

And if you like any of this sort of stuff at all, you must watch this. It's better than anything else like it, at least that I've ever seen. Start back with season one which you can get on iTunes here. Season two is not yet on iTunes, but you can 'obtain' it from other 'sources' (ahem torrents ahem).

I don't think I can wait a whole year for the third season (which is said to already be in the works).